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Overview of Our Sewer Camera Inspection Services

Highly Trained and Experienced Technicians

Our sewer camera inspection team consists of highly experienced technicians who have undergone extensive training to become experts in drain line inspections. Our technicians have performed thousands of sewer camera inspections in Barrie and surrounding areas. They have mastery over the latest camera equipment and techniques for thorough pipe inspections. You can trust our technicians to conduct the most professional inspection of your drain lines.

State-of-the-Art Camera Equipment

We utilize state-of-the-art drain line cameras like flexible drain snakes and high-resolution CCTV video cameras to provide superior visibility inside your pipes. Our advanced cameras can navigate tight bends, go long distances, and provide clear footage even in low light. We can inspect pipes from 1⁄2” to 8” in diameter. Our specialized camera equipment also features lighting and capture capabilities optimized for an underground environment.

Thorough Inspections and Detect Hidden Issues

Our sewer cameras do more than just video record the interior of your pipes. Our technicians meticulously examine the footage in real time, looking for any signs of damage, blockages, infiltrations or other issues. We thoroughly scan every inch of your pipes to identify any hidden problems you may not even be aware of. Even small hairline cracks or minor root intrusions can turn into major repair problems over time if left undetected. Our camera inspections catch these small issues before they become emergency situations.

Provide Photos/Videos of Pipe Condition

After finishing the camera inspection, we provide full-color photos and videos showing the exact condition of your pipes. This visual evidence is useful in confirming any issues detected and allows you to actually see the inside of your pipes. We can provide recordings in multiple formats like DVD discs, USB thumb drives, or cloud storage links. Having a visual record of your pipes is extremely valuable if major repairs become necessary down the road.

Quickly Pinpoint Any Problems

Sewer cameras allow our technicians to quickly pinpoint the location and cause of any plumbing issues like clogs, root intrusions, pipe collapses, cracks, leaks, blockages and more. We can identify problems even if you have no surface clues of an issue. For example, a drain may be slowly draining at your kitchen sink but the actual blockage could be 30 feet down the line under your front lawn. Our cameras eliminate the guesswork by showing exactly where issues are occurring.

Give Repair or Replacement Recommendations

After conducting the camera inspection, our technicians will analyze the results and provide straightforward recommendations on any repairs or replacements that may be advisable. We will give you a detailed summary of all problem areas identified, along with options and estimated costs for fixing them. Having the inside view of your pipes allows us to provide accurate solutions tailored to your unique situation. We help you make informed decisions.

Why Sewer Camera Inspections Are Crucial

Prevent Expensive Emergency Repairs

Sewer camera inspections allow you to prevent expensive emergency repairs by identifying issues early before they become catastrophic failures. For example, a minor pipe crack can gradually worsen over time until the pipe fully collapses, causing a sinkhole in your yard or a sewage backup into your home. If caught early, such an issue can be repaired with a simple pipe patch at minimal cost. Our camera inspections proactively detect small problems so you can fix them before they turn into emergency calls costing thousands.

Assess the Condition of Underground Pipes

Sewer cameras give a comprehensive look at the condition of pipes that are otherwise hidden underground. Camera footage shows corrosion, cracks, breaks, obstructions, and other defects that are slowly degrading your pipes. This allows us to assess the overall health of your plumbing and determine if full or partial replacement may be needed. We can help you avoid the massive costs of emergency pipe replacements by planning ahead when the camera reveals aging pipes.

Find Blockages Before They Cause Backups

Our camera inspections find blockages like grease buildup, debris, roots, and collapsed pipes before they lead to sewage backups in your home. A drain may seem partially blocked at first, but our cameras can determine if there is a full blockage down the line. Catching a developing clog early is much cheaper than dealing with the disgusting aftermath if the blockage bursts and sewage floods your property. Our cameras prevent backups.

Check for Tree Root Intrusions

We carefully check for tree roots that may be infiltrating and obstructing your sewer line. Root intrusions are a common issue in older pipes that have cracks or pipe joints that have separated over time. Roots enter seeking water and can quickly grow, causing major pipe damage and blockages. Our cameras identify root intrusions so they can be removed before extensive repairs are needed.

Identify Broken, Cracked, or Collapsed Pipes

Our technicians thoroughly inspect your pipes for any cracks, breaks, fractures, holes or collapsed sections. These pipe defects allow groundwater infiltration, and root intrusions and will worsen over time. Identifying these issues early with our camera inspections allows for targeted spot repairs or lining to patch the defects before total line replacement becomes necessary. An ounce of prevention saves you from paying for a pound of cure down the road!

Detect Leaks Before They Lead to Water Damage

Sewer cameras enable our technicians to detect leaks in drain lines before they allow raw sewage to leak into the ground under and around your property. Left unaddressed, such leaks can lead to extensive and unhealthy water damage that is often not covered by homeowners insurance. Our cameras pinpoint even small leaks so they can be repaired immediately before catastrophic seepage problems arise.

Signs You May Need a Camera Inspection

Slow or Backed Up Drains

If you notice your drains are slowing or backing up, it could indicate a blockage, buildup, or other issue down the line. Our sewer cameras can inspect the full length of your pipes to pinpoint what is impeding drainage. A slow drain often precedes a complete clog, so it’s best to have it checked out before you face a flooded mess. Catching problems early prevents major headaches.

Gurgling Sounds from Pipes

Strange gurgling sounds coming from your drain lines can signal a partial blockage or accumulation of debris/grease in your pipes. Our cameras visually confirm the cause of unusual noises so appropriate cleaning or repairs can be performed. Don’t ignore odd gurgles – they often mean problems are brewing.

Foul Sewage Odors in Home

If you smell unpleasant sewage odors inside your home, it may indicate broken drainpipes or failing plumbing allowing sewer gases to enter living spaces. Our drainline cameras inspect for cracks or leaks enabling fumes to infiltrate your home. Detecting issues early prevents unhealthy conditions.

Visible Sinkholes Around Home

Sinkholes or depressions in your yard could signal a collapsed sewer line or serious underground leak eroding the soil. Our cameras thoroughly inspect for cave-ins, fractures or breaches causing surface sinkholes. We determine if spot repairs or full replacement is the best solution. Act quickly when you notice sinkholes to prevent further damage.

Higher than Normal Water Bills

sudden spike in your water bill may indicate an underground leak in drain lines. Our sewer cameras can inspect for cracks/breaks and detect even slight leaks allowing water to escape pipes. Identifying and sealing leaks promptly can save tremendous amounts on your water bill.

Previous Pipe or Foundation Repairs

If you’ve had past pipe repairs or foundation work around your home, it’s wise to have your lines inspected to ensure repairs were done properly. Our cameras can verify line integrity and check for issues adjacent to repaired areas. Previous repairs disturb and weaken soils, so it’s best to inspect nearby lines. Detect potential problems before they turn into bigger headaches.

Our Sewer Camera Inspection Process

Initial Consultation and Planning

The sewer camera inspection process starts with an initial consultation and planning call with our client. We discuss your specific drainage issues and map out the scope of your pipe system. This allows us to plan camera insertion points, proper equipment, access needs, and other logistics to perform a comprehensive inspection. We also provide cost estimates so you know what to expect.

Insert Camera into Drain Access Point

Our technician will then come onsite and insert our specialized drain line camera into your sewer system. We access your pipes through a conveniently located and accessible cleanout or drain. If needed, we may need to remove a toilet to gain line access. Our flexible cameras can navigate bends and maneuvers throughout your system.

Thoroughly Inspect the Entire Line

Once inserted, our technician will thoroughly inspect the entire length of your drain line – from where it exits your home all the way to the connection at the municipal sewer main. We carefully examine every section of the line for any signs of intrusions, obstructions, leaks, cracks, or other defects. We ensure no issues are overlooked.

Review Findings and Discuss Repair Options

After completing the camera inspection, our technician will review the footage and findings with you. We point out any problem areas discovered and make recommendations on repairs, from spot fixes to full-line replacements. We discuss options tailored to your specific situation so you can make informed decisions on the next steps.

Provide Photos/Videos from Inspection

We provide you with full-color photos and videos documenting the inspection and clearly showing the interior condition of your pipes. You can see firsthand any problem areas and view the footage whenever needed. We provide recordings on DVD, USB drive or private online link, for your reference now and in the future.

Offer Competitive Quotes for Any Needed Work

For any repairs recommended based on the camera findings, we provide fair, transparent quotes for completing the work properly and to code. There are no hidden charges – we disclose all costs upfront. Our prices are extremely competitive and cost-effective compared to other local contractors.

Sewer Camera Types We Use

Flexible Spring Line Cameras

Our main sewer inspection camera is a flexible spring line camera that can navigate tight twists and turns within drain line systems. It provides excellent visibility even around corners. The flexible spring enables the camera to be pushed long distances while maneuvering through pipes.

Rigid Push Rod Cameras

For wider, straight pipe runs, we utilize rigid push rod cameras. The rigid rod can be inserted and pushed farther than flexible models. The stiff construction enhances stability and image clarity in certain large-diameter pipes.

Pan-and-Tilt Zoom Cameras

Pan-and-tilt-zoom cameras provide enhanced visibility with their ability to pan 270 degrees and tilt 180 degrees within pipes. The zoom also allows close inspection of defects and blockages. Useful for detailed examinations.

Portable Wireless Video Cameras

Our wireless video cameras provide live feed monitoring above ground. Since they are portable with no cables, they enable inspection through multiple access points for maximum coverage. Excellent for preliminary or supplemental video documentation.

Areas We Serve in Barrie & Surrounding Cities

Barrie Proper

We offer sewer camera inspections throughout the City of Barrie including downtown, established neighborhoods, and newly developed subdivisions. No part of Barrie is outside our service area. We have performed thousands of drain line inspections across the city over many years.


The town of Innisfil relies on our professional sewer camera services to diagnose and prevent plumbing issues for local homeowners and businesses. We inspect drain lines in Alcona, Lefroy, Gilford, Stroud, Cookstown, and surrounding Innisfil communities.


Bradford, Ontario residents have trusted us for quality sewer camera inspections for decades. We service routes like Canal Road, Dissette Street, and more. Bradford homeowners know they can count on us to accurately assess their drain lines.


The town of Alliston, ON receives dedicated service from our team. We inspect pipes under homes and commercial buildings in Fairgrounds Ward, Fletcher Crescent, and beyond. Alliston-area customers can schedule a professional camera inspection with us.

Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach relies on our local company for sewer cameras and drain inspections. We provide Wasaga with professional, reliable service residents can count on year after year. Ask about our seasonal packages for cottages.


The community of Angus, ON has trusted us for sewer camera inspections of both residential and commercial buildings for 20+ years. We take pride in providing Angus customers with five-star service. Call us for unparalleled drain line inspections.


The village of Cookstown, Ontario depends on our qualified technicians for sewer camera inspection services. We inspect drain lines under homes and businesses located off Hwy 89, Centennial Road, Coldwater Road, and more. Call us to schedule an appointment.

Plumbing Services We Offer Alongside Camera Inspections

Drain Cleaning

We provide expert drain cleaning utilizing cutting-edge equipment like hydro jetting and mechanical augers to remove even the toughest clogs and blockages. Clean pipes allow our cameras the best visibility.

Hydro Jetting

High-pressure hydro jetting is an advanced method we use to scour your drain lines and eliminate years of built-up debris and materials clogging pipes. Environmentally safe and highly effective.

Burst Pipe Repair

We repair burst pipes using state-of-the-art trenchless technology to seal cracks and leaks without the mess and expense of digging trenches. Far less disruptive than traditional pipe repair excavation.

Gas Line Repair & Installation

We handle gas line repairs, replacement and new gas line installations. Our licensed professionals meet all safety codes and requirements for working on natural gas plumbing systems.

Fixture Installation/Replacement

We offer complete plumbing fixture installation and replacement services in bathrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms. Expert installation of toilets, sinks, faucets, water heaters and more.

Sewer Line Replacement

If our camera reveals your sewer line is too damaged to repair, we provide complete sewer line replacements. We excavate, install new piping, backfill, and reconnect your plumbing.

Trenchless Sewer Repairs

We utilize advanced trenchless technology to repair broken or cracked sewer lines without excavating. Far less invasive, faster, and cheaper than conventional methods. Here is the content for the final outline sections:

Benefits of Choosing Our Barrie Company

24/7 Emergency Service

We provide 24/7 emergency drain services in Barrie and surrounding towns. Sudden sewer backups don’t keep regular hours, so we staff emergency plumbers around the clock. Call anytime for urgent assistance.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured for maximum client protection. We maintain all required provincial and municipal plumbing licenses. You can trust you are dealing with a legitimate, compliant contractor.

Flat Rate Pricing – No Hidden Costs

We provide flat rate pricing for all jobs – no surprise add-ons or hidden fees. The price we quote upfront is the price you pay, period. We believe in fair, transparent billing so there are no last-minute gotchas.

Detailed Inspections & Reports

You receive a detailed inspection report documenting all findings, with supporting photos/videos. These provide visual confirmation of any problem areas and serve as documentation if repairs are needed.

Honest, Professional Technicians

Our trained technicians are punctual, polite, competent, and operate with integrity. We take pride in delivering outstanding service while respecting you and your property. Count on friendly, knowledgeable pros.

Prompt Response Times

Being locally based allows us to offer prompt response times. We can usually schedule sewer camera inspections within 24 hours of your call. We know prompt service is crucial when dealing with backed-up drains or other plumbing headaches.

All Work Guaranteed

We stand behind our work on all jobs. Our standard warranty guarantees the quality and functionality of any repairs we perform. We won’t leave until the job is done right.

Contact Our Team Today for a Free Estimate

Call 647 933 6040

Call (647) 933-6040 anytime 24/7 to request sewer camera inspection services. Our courteous team is standing by to answer your questions and schedule appointments at your convenience.

Request Appointment Online

Visit our website at and request an appointment online anytime day or night. We make it easy to schedule your sewer camera inspection.

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FAQs About Sewer Camera Inspections

Common Questions Homeowners Have

Sewer camera inspections provide immense preventative value, but many homeowners have questions about the process and technology involved. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

  • What is a sewer camera inspection?

    • A sewer camera inspection involves inserting a specialized waterproof camera on a flexible cable into your home’s drain pipes to video record the interior condition of the lines. The camera transmits images to a technician above ground who analyzes the footage for any defects or issues.

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  • Why should I get a sewer camera inspection?

    • Reasons to get a sewer camera inspection include:

      1. Confirm the cause of slow, clogged or backed-up drains
      2. Identify pipe damage before it leads to backups
      3. Find hidden leaks before major water damage occurs
      4. Assess the condition of pipes throughout your system
      5. Detect roots growing into and clogging lines
      6. Avoid much costlier emergency repairs down the road
  • What are signs I may need an inspection?

    • Signs indicating a camera inspection could be beneficial:

      • Slow-draining fixtures
      • Gurgling sounds from pipes
      • Foul sewage odors in the home
      • Visible sinkholes in the yard
      • Higher than normal water bills
      • Previous foundation/drainage work
  • What will the camera show?

    • The sewer camera provides a comprehensive visual inspection of the interior of your drain lines. It can identify:

      • Blockages and obstructions
      • Pipe cracks, fractures, holes or collapses
      • Joint separations allowing root intrusions
      • Buildup of debris, grease, minerals, etc.
      • Severity of any damage or defects
      • Location and cause of leaks
  • How much does a sewer camera inspection cost?

    • Costs vary based on the complexity of your pipe system but average $200-$400. More extensive inspections may run higher. Compare this to thousands for emergency repairs that can be avoided!


Here is a sewer camera inspection checklist specific to Barrie, Ontario:

Sewer Camera Inspection Checklist for Barrie Homeowners

Before Your Barrie Inspection

  • [ ] Research Barrie plumbing companies and read reviews
  • [ ] Confirm license and insurance credentials
  • [ ] Ask about their experience with Barrie drainage systems
  • [ ] Inform them of any past foundation or sewer work on your Barrie property
  • [ ] Discuss Cost – Get multiple quotes for your Barrie home

What the Camera Should Inspect

  • [ ] Main sewer line from house to the municipal connection
  • [ ] Inspection of all branches, wyes, and tee connections
  • [ ] Thorough check of any joint connections or cleanouts
  • [ ] Careful examination of pipe material transitions

What to Look for During Inspection

  • [ ] Pipe corrosion common in older Barrie homes
  • [ ] Settlement cracks or misaligned joints
  • [ ] Tree root infiltration in pipes
  • [ ] Clay pipe fractures under foundations
  • [ ] Signs of groundwater leaking into pipes

After Barrie Camera Inspection

  • [ ] Request photos/videos documenting pipe condition
  • [ ] Ask if pipes were aligned properly with the proper slope
  • [ ] Inquire about the estimated remaining life of your Barrie pipes
  • [ ] Get multiple repair estimates before approving any work
  • [ ] Avoid sewer contractors recommending full replacement unless absolutely necessary

Questions to Ask Company

  • Are my Barrie pipes properly sized?
  • Are there signs of overflows or surcharging?
  • How does the age of my Barrie home impact sewer line condition?
  • Were any code violations or improper installations found?

Top Key Take Aways

Here are the top key takeaways I would highlight for this article on sewer camera inspections in Barrie:

Key Takeaways: Sewer Camera Inspections in Barrie

  • Sewer cameras provide a detailed visual inspection of underground drain pipes to identify any issues before they become emergencies.

  • Inspections are recommended if you notice slow drains, sewage odors, gurgling pipes, sinkholes, or higher water bills.

  • Cameras can detect cracked, broken or collapsed pipes, root intrusions, leaks, obstructions, and other defects.

  • Preventative inspections avoid much costlier emergency repairs down the road.

  • Our Barrie company uses state-of-the-art camera technology and qualified technicians to thoroughly inspect lines.

  • We pinpoint issues and provide repair recommendations tailored specifically to your situation.

  • Contact us today at (647) 933-6040 for your free estimate on sewer camera inspection services.


Here are 10 FAQs with detailed answers related to the sewer camera inspection article:

What exactly is a sewer camera inspection?

A sewer camera inspection involves a plumber inserting a specialized waterproof camera on a flexible cable into your home’s sewer and drain pipes in order to video record the interior condition of the lines. The camera transmits images and video up to the plumber above ground, who can thoroughly analyze the footage for any defects, blockages, cracks, root intrusions, or other issues that may be developing underground.

Why is a camera inspection of my Barrie sewer line necessary?

Getting a professional sewer camera inspection can prevent much larger headaches down the road. The camera may detect issues like pipe fractures, intruding roots, collapsed sections or leak points that you may have no indication of from above ground. Catching small problems early before they worsen prevents expensive emergency repairs. Camera inspections also fully evaluate the condition of pipes throughout your Barrie drainage system to determine if repairs or replacements may be needed.

What are signs I may need a sewer camera inspection for my Barrie home?

Some signs that a sewer camera inspection may be a wise preventative measure include slow-draining fixtures, gurgling sounds from pipes, foul odors in the home, visible sinkholes in the yard, higher than normal water bills, or past foundation/drainage work done on the Barrie property. These can indicate developing issues. A camera inspection identifies problems early.

Will a sewer camera inspection cause damage to my Barrie pipes?

No, a professional sewer camera inspection should not cause any damage to your Barrie drainage system. The camera is waterproof and designed specifically for insertion into pipes. It is mounted on a flexible cable that can navigate bends and maneuvers without harming pipes when inserted and retrieved properly by an experienced plumber. No digging or destruction is required.

How can a camera fully inspect my sewer line in Barrie?

The flexible cable camera can be inserted into your sewer line via a cleanout or directly into the drain pipe itself if the drain is removed temporarily. The camera is then fed through the entire run of your Barrie sewer and drainage system from where it exits your home all the way to the municipal sewer connection. The camera bends and maneuvers as needed to provide a complete interior view.

What kind of problems can a sewer camera detect in Barrie pipes?

The sewer camera may identify pipe sections in Barrie that are cracked, fractured, misaligned, intruded by roots, blocked by buildup, collapsed, or showing other defects. It can also detect leaks and infiltration points allowing groundwater into pipes. Even small issues can be discovered before leading to larger failures.

How long does a typical Barrie sewer camera inspection take?

The length of time needed depends on the footage of the pipe being inspected, accessibility, number of turns and bends, and other factors. Most average Barrie single-family home inspections take 1-2 hours from setup to finish. More complex situations may take longer. A qualified company will discuss the time required for your particular Barrie property at the outset.

Does a sewer camera inspection require digging up my Barrie yard?

No, sewer camera inspections are a trenchless technology, meaning no digging or destruction is required. The camera is inserted into your Barrie drainage system through existing cleanouts or drain tie-ins inside your home or out. Trenchless camera inspection is far less invasive, costly, and time-consuming than excavating your property.

What is the cost of a professional sewer camera inspection in Barrie?

Costs vary based on the details of your Barrie home and pipes, but average between $300-$500. More complex situations with long pipe runs or difficult access may cost more. While not free, this small preventative investment can avoid exponentially higher repair costs down the road if problems go undetected.

Do plumbers offer payment plans for Barrie sewer inspections?

Many established plumbing companies like ours offer payment plans to ease the cost of major services like sewer camera inspections. We provide customized payment options for Barrie homeowners needing to spread inspection costs over time. Financing also may be available subject to credit approval. Just ask!

Let me know if you would like me to modify, expand, or add more Barrie-specific sewer camera inspection FAQs. I aimed to provide helpful, information-rich answers for homeowners while working on relevant keywords