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At Plumbing Nerds, we specialize in professional plumbing services. A trained specialist from our team will arrive quickly to assess the situation and provide you with honest feedback before proceeding to address your plumbing needs.

With years of experience solving just about every type of plumbing problem imaginable, there’s no need for you to scour reviews and opinions across search engines when it’s time for you to choose a plumbing company.

Trust an expert from the industry that has established credentials backed up by warranty agreements, whether it be a new installation or recurring maintenance requirement, let our qualified plumbers handle everything while providing outstanding customer care.

Why Choose Plumbing Nerds For Your Plumbing Repair Needs?

Plumbing Nerds are proudly offering Ontario plumbing services. Do you need help with a new plumbing installation or repair? If you have been asking yourself “who is the best drain repair plumber near me?” you have found the right place!

What Your Neighbours Are Saying

These guys are beyond professional. They show up when promised, explain everything in detail, and of course they get the job done. Not the first time we’ve used them and we had the same experience every time.
I highly recommend Plumbing Nerds because they went above and beyond in these repair / upgrade requests and we are VERY happy with the results. I would DEFINITELY hire them again for future projects I have in mind. They're the kind of people you wish you knew ahead of time without having to google search and assess who's better - but I'm glad that Google recommended the Plumbing Nerds!We had a lot of work that needed to get done for our very old, and tiny house - but that's what's great about Plumbing Nerds - no job too big / awkward - no job too small / detailed - these guys WILL get it done right and make your house feel like it's brand new again. :)As long as your requests are within reason - The Plumbing Nerds are an awesome team of professionals that literally live and breathe what they're licensed to do!Dan, Rob and another gentleman that came by were extremely polite, friendly, helpful and professional from beginning to end in helping us out with our plumbing needs! They gave us a lot of advice knowing we were first time home owners and gave us reasonable and fair pricing for the amount of jobs we requested of them. These guys are very knowledgeable and they earned every dollar for the services rendered - hauling all those heavy replacement pieces is no easy task! They not only helped repair all the leaks in the house, but they even helped upgrade every piece that needed to be modernized back to functional status.Do your part in getting the economy back on track post COVID - if you need plumbing services or have any plumbing renovation projects - you REALLY SHOULD hire Dan and his wonderful team of professionals!
I am very satisfied with plumbing nerds. The price was reasonable and the work done was professional.We were serviced by Robert who was very patient with us and explained everything very well.Would highly recommend them.
We hired Danilo and his team to install new water lines and drainages for a full-house reno in Richmond Hill. Their work is not only clean and professional, but also done with extreme care. On top of that, they would let you know if they see any potential concerns with existing plumbing and help suggest solutions for implementation. The Plumbing Nerds team is super friendly, courteous and always start their day off with a positive attitude. We highly recommend Plumbing Nerds for all your plumbing and drainage needs 👍
I needed a new water softener kit so I decided to give the plumbing nerds a call. They came quickly and explained the situation and the cost. They came back within a few days for installation and I am very pleased with everything. Robert is a great guy and easy to talk too. Would recommend 👌
Great professional work Christopher D was done in my Shop of FB Metal Works. I would recommend 100%.

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We provide new Plumbing installs, maintenance and repairs

We provide plumbing installation, maintenance, and repair services for your home. Plumbing Nerds’ reliable professionals offer excellent service every time.

Our plumbers provide the following plumbing services:

  • Internal and external plumbing services. 
  • Video camera inspection services for advanced diagnostics.
  • Replacement sinks, faucets, showers, tubs and toilets.
  • Sewer and water line repairs and replacements.

we provide high-quality Plumbing Repair Services for residential customers

Our plumbers are experts at solving any plumbing issue you may have. Whether it’s installation, repair, or routine maintenance – we’re always ready for anything!

Surprise your kids with warm water from the sprinkler or set up a new water shut off valve with the help of our professionals.

Use our video camera inspection services to discover the root of your plumbing problems.

Sinks, faucets, showers, and tubs – we do your kitchen and bathroom plumbing, so you don’t have to worry!

If you need assistance with more substantial plumbing needs, such as the repair of a broken water line or a sewer system upgrade, contact us for assistance.

Our team of plumbers specialize in all sorts of plumbing services. If you need something fixed or installed, we’re here for you with upfront pricing and customer satisfaction guaranteed. Need advice about your new sink installation project? Get answers from our expert plumbers at Plumbing Nerds immediately when you schedule an appointment below!

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We are the plumbing experts to call for installation or repair services.

Schedule an estimate with one of our qualified professionals today and make sure your plumbing system operates efficiently all year round.

Plumbing Repair Diagnostic + Same Day Service

$ 96
(Waived With Repair)
  • We will come to your home
  • Diagnose the problem with your plumbing system
  • Provide a comprehensive report on the problem
  • Present you with personalized solutions on what to do next
  • If we do the work we will waive the diagnostic charge!

What Is The Cost Of A Plumbing Inspection?

Depending on the size of your home, we are able to offer pipe leak detection services that best accommodate the size of your home. You’ll always be informed about how much you will pay up-front when contacting Plumbing Nerds’ trained staff – call us today at (647) 933 6040.

Can Plumbers Find Pipe Leaks?

Yes, the experienced plumbers at Plumbing Nerds can come to your home and find out where leaks are located using cutting-edge equipment and skills honed over many years of practical experience. To know for sure whether you have a leak or not, give us a call today at (647) 933 6040!

Is your toilet clogged or leaking? Is the flush weak, or is the handle loose? Toilet problems are a significant headache. Refrain from struggling with frustrating DIY repairs. Let the licensed experts at [The Plumbing Nerds] get your toilet working properly again – fast!

With over a decade of experience, our Barrie toilet repair technicians have seen it all. We can quickly diagnose any toilet issue and make all the needed fixes and part replacements to have you flushing happily again in no time.

Why Choose The Plumbing Nerds for Toilet Repair?

Fast, Convenient Service – We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Barrie. Our skilled technicians arrive promptly with all the necessary high-quality tools and genuine replacement parts, so you’re on time while we make multiple trips to the hardware store.

Affordable Pricing – Upfront estimates ensure no surprise fees. We offer competitive rates and never charge overtime or tack on hidden costs. Our volume discounts on supplies keep prices low.

Quality Workmanship – Our experienced, background-checked techs use proper techniques to correctly repair or replace any toilet component, from fill valves and flappers to bowls and tanks. We take the time to do it right the first time. No shortcuts here!

Customer Satisfaction – We stand behind our work on all plumbing repairs. Your happiness comes first. If you are more than 100% satisfied, we’ll return to make it right at no charge.

Fully Licensed & Insured – Our technicians are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. We maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Trusted Reputation – See our 5-star Google reviews. For over ten years, Barrie homeowners have trusted The Plumbing Nerds for reliable plumbing services. We take pride in our excellent customer service.

Common Toilet Repairs We Handle Expertly:

Our expert technicians can solve any toilet problem quickly and efficiently without the frustration of trial and error repairs:

  • Unclogging fully or partially blocked drains and toilets
  • Fixing constant running from the flapper, fill valve or refill problems
  • Replacing broken tank parts like flappers, valves, floats, handles
  • Installing new high-efficiency toilets
  • Repairing weak or incomplete flushes
  • Securing loose toilets and fixing rocking bowls
  • Correcting noisy fill valves and hammering pipes
  • Clearing blocked tramways
  • Sealing tank and bowl leaks
  • Replacing damaged supply lines
  • Adjusting water level and float
  • And much more!

Don’t put up with toilet headaches and unsanitary conditions a moment longer. Call The Plumbing Nerds day or night for prompt, affordable toilet repairs!

Detailed Toilet Troubleshooting and Repair

At The Plumbing Nerds, accurately diagnosing toilet problems allows our technicians to make the proper repair the first time. Here’s a closer look at solutions for common toilet issues Barrie homeowners experience:

Clogged Toilet Repair

Toilets easily get clogged from too much toilet paper, toys, feminine products, and other items. Sewer gases and overflowing dirty water quickly create unhealthy, unpleasant conditions.

Our techs have professional drain cables and powered augers to clear even the toughest clogs and obstructions from toilet drains and tramways. We thoroughly remove any built-up deposits or foreign objects lodged in the gutter. Any required access points are correctly sealed afterward.

For severe blockages below the floor requiring excavation, we coordinate with drain specialists to clear drains without destroying landscaping or concrete.

Running Toilet Repair

If you have to jiggle the handle to stop water running into the bowl, it wastes thousands of gallons per month and drives up your water bill. Our technicians will diagnose if a lousy flapper, poor seal at the flush valve, or glitchy fill valve is the culprit. We’ll replace worn parts and adjust components to stop the constant flow.

Weak Flush Repair

When flushing fails to clear the bowl fully, a clog is only sometimes the problem. A sufficient volume of water in the tank, leaky flapper, or partial blockage can prevent proper siphon action during the flush. Our pros will adjust the water level, replace the flapper, and clear any partial clog to restore full flushing power.

Noisy Toilet Repair

Loud noises like hammering or whistling during the flush and refill cycle are annoying and keep you up at night. The Plumbing Nerds will identify flow and pressure issues causing water hammer, secure pipes to eliminate rattling against framing, and replace worn-out fill valves and flappers making excessive noise.

Leaky Toilet Repair

Water pooling around the base indicates a leak that needs prompt repair before damage spreads. Pinpointing the exact leak location and cause lets our technicians seal the leak properly. We’ll tighten loose bolts, replace damaged gaskets and washers, or reset the wax ring for a watertight seal.

Loose Toilet Repair

Rocking and shifting toilets eventually lead to leaks and seal failure. We’ll tighten loose bowl bolts, shim or re-level the toilet base, and replace damaged wax rings to create a firm, secure fit against the drain flange.

Whatever the issue, The Plumbing Nerds can expertly diagnose the root cause of your toilet problem and make all required repairs and part replacements to get your toilet working like usual again.

The Toilet Repair Process: What to Expect

When you call The Plumbing Nerds for toilet troubleshooting and repairs, we make the process smooth and hassle-free:

Call – Contact us anytime 24/7. Describe your toilet symptoms so we can dispatch the right technician with the necessary equipment and parts.

Arrival – Our technician will promptly arrive in a clean, marked vehicle at your Barrie home. They will protect your floors before beginning any work.

Diagnosis – Our experienced tech will diagnose the problem by examining your toilet, asking questions, and using state-of-the-art leak detection tools.

Estimate – You will receive a fair written estimate for parts, labor, and other charges. There are no surprises.

Repair – Our technician will clearly explain the problem and walk you through the repair process while they work. We clean up any mess before leaving.

Test & Clean Up – We test the toilet to ensure proper operation. All work areas are cleaned and sanitized before we wrap up.

Payment – Payment is collected only when the job is complete and you are 100% satisfied.

Follow Up – We offer a 1-year warranty on labor for repairs. You can call us with any toilet questions.

Our simple process and attention to detail give you the fastest, most professional toilet repair services.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our work and your satisfaction. If you aren’t delighted with our plumbing services, we will return to make it right at no additional cost. Our technicians want you to be thrilled with how your toilet functions.

Call The Plumbing Nerds for All Your Plumbing Needs

In addition to quick toilet repair services, The Plumbing Nerds provides a comprehensive range of plumbing services for both commercial and residential properties in Barrie.

Trust The Plumbing Nerds for all your plumbing needs! Call us now for fast, professional toilet repairs guaranteed to get your bowl flushing correctly again.

Plumbing Codes and Permits in Barrie

To ensure compliance with Ontario plumbing codes and water authority regulations, The Plumbing Nerds pulls all required permits for central toilet installation and replacement projects. We schedule inspections and ensure your new toilet is up to code.

For minor repairs, we utilize licensed technicians and follow all mandated practices. Documentation is provided detailing the work performed.

You can have confidence knowing repairs and replacements are done right according to Barrie plumbing codes. We keep your project on budget by avoiding improper work that will not pass inspection.

Toilet Replacement and Installation

Suppose your dated toilet no longer flushes appropriately despite repairs, or you want an upgrade. In that case, The Plumbing Nerds can expertly replace your toilet or install a new one in a newly remodeled bathroom.

Our process includes:

  • Turning off the water supply and removing the old toilet
  • Inspecting and preparing the waste flange connection -Removing wax ring remnants and debris
  • Applying a new wax ring seal
  • Installing the toilet on the flange and ensuring level
  • Securing the bowl bolts
  • Connecting the water supply valve and line
  • Making any needed adjustments
  • Sealing the base with silicone caulk
  • Testing operations and checking for leaks
  • Cleaning up the work area

We offer an array of toilet styles and brands like Kohler, Toto, Jacuzzi, and American Standard to match your bathroom décor and performance needs at competitive prices. You can count on a quick, top-quality installation.

Emergency Toilet Repair

If your only toilet is clogged or water is continuously leaking, disaster can strike fast. Don’t panic! The Plumbing Nerds is here for you any time, day or night! Call us immediately if:

  • Your toilet overflows from a clog
  • The toilet won’t flush at all
  • Water is rapidly leaking onto floors
  • Sewage is backing up from the toilet

Our professional certified technicians are available 24/7 to respond to toilet emergencies. We’ll arrive quickly, shut off the water if needed, and take action to resolve the emergency issue. From clearing stubborn clogs to replacing flappers, we’ll stay on site until your toilet is fully functional.

Contact The Plumbing Nerds for Fast, Reliable Toilet Repair

For affordable toilet repairs done right the first time by experienced, licensed plumbers, contact The Plumbing Nerds today! We service all makes and models of toilets.


Common Toilet Repair Issues

  • Toilet clogs caused by excess toilet paper, toys, and feminine products blocking the drain and tramway
  • Toilet tanks leaking from cracks, loose fittings, damaged flappers or poor seals
  • Constantly running toilets due to faulty flappers, flush valves, or fill valves that fail to seal fully
  • Weak or incomplete flushes when siphon action is disrupted by insufficient tank water, leaky flappers, or partial clogs
  • Loose, shifting toilets resulting from loose bowl bolts, damaged wax rings, or uneven installation
  • Noisy fill valves and pipes that cause disturbing hammering and whistling sounds

Steps for DIY Toilet Repairs

  1. Turn off the toilet’s water supply and flush to empty the tank when making repairs. Use a bucket to catch any remaining water.

  2. Use a plunger vigorously to try and clear simple clogs before using a closet auger or sewer snake for more challenging obstructions.

  3. Replace flappers, floats, valves, and other tank components that are worn out or malfunctioning. Adjust flapper chains as needed.

  4. Ensure bowl bolts and wax ring seals are tightened and in good condition to prevent leaks and movement.

  5. Clear partial clogs with a drill and check bowl water jets for blockages impeding flush power.

  6. Replace noisy fill valves: secure pipes and adjustable water pressure to prevent hammering noises.

  7. Always turn the water back on slowly and check for leaks when repairs are complete before using the toilet.


Here is a checklist for toilet repair:

Toilet Repair Checklist

Gather Supplies

  • Gloves
  • Bucket
  • Old rags
  • Wrench set
  • Scrub brush
  • Putty knife
  • Plunger
  • Auger/snake
  • Wax ring
  • Flapper
  • Fill valve kit
  • Flush valve kit

Shut Off the Water Supply

  • Locate shut off valve behind the toilet
  • Turn the valve clockwise to shut off the water

Drain Toilet Tank

  • Flush the toilet to empty tank
  • Use a sponge to soak up the remaining water

Diagnose Issue

  • Try to flush and observe issues
  • Check for leaks under the toilet
  • Listen for odd noises
  • Test for loose toilet base

Unclog Toilet

  • Use a plunger to clear the drain clog
  • Insert auger if the plunger doesn’t work
  • Remove obstructions

Fix Running Toilet

  • Check chain slack on the flapper
  • Replace the flapper if worn out
  • Clean flush valve seal
  • Replace the fill valve if needed

Fix Weak Flush

  • Adjust float to correct tank level
  • Replace the flapper is leaking
  • Clear partial clogs
  • Check bowl water jet holes

Fix Leaks

  • Tighten bowl bolts
  • Replace the wax ring seal
  • Check toilet connections

Reinstall Tank

  • Hand tighten bolts and nuts
  • Reconnect water supply
  • Turn on water slowly
  • Check for leaks
  • Test flush operation


Many common toilet problems like clogs, leaks, and flush issues can be DIY fixes if you have the correct information and tools. This article provides a detailed checklist for troubleshooting and repairing the most frequent toilet problems. Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding how a toilet works helps diagnose issues like constant running water, weak flushing, and leaks.

  • Start repairs by shutting off the toilet’s water supply, draining the tank, and having a bucket ready to catch water.

  • Simple clogs often can be cleared with a plunger, while deep obstructions require an auger snake.

  • Noisy fill valves, flappers, and pipes can be quieted by replacing worn parts and securing lines.

  • Adjusting the tank water level, replacing the flapper, and clearing partial clogs will improve weak flushing.

  • Leaks at the base are commonly due to loose bowl bolts or a damaged wax ring seal.

  • Loose, rocking toilets need tighter bowl bolt connections and possibly shims under the base.

  • Following detailed repair checklists and tips ensures repairs resolve the issue altogether.