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Plumbing Nerds Are Your Trusted And Experienced Drain & Sewer Cleaning Specialists

When it comes time for drain cleaning services near you in Vaughan (and surrounding areas), Plumbing Nerds is the team to call. You’ll have access to skilled plumbing professionals who can solve all your sewer and drain cleaning problems on the spot. Before beginning any work, we will provide an explanation, so you know what’s going on every step of the way. As one of the only companies with plumbers that have experience working on just about anything related to plumbing, we guarantee professional performance every time!

Plumbing Nerds are proudly offering Toronto plumbing services. Do you need help with a new plumbing installation or repair? If you have been asking yourself “who is the best drain cleaning services near me?” you have found the right place!
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Why Choose Plumbing Nerds For Your Drain Cleaning Needs?

What Your Neighbours Are Saying

These guys are beyond professional. They show up when promised, explain everything in detail, and of course they get the job done. Not the first time we’ve used them and we had the same experience every time.
I highly recommend Plumbing Nerds because they went above and beyond in these repair / upgrade requests and we are VERY happy with the results. I would DEFINITELY hire them again for future projects I have in mind. They're the kind of people you wish you knew ahead of time without having to google search and assess who's better - but I'm glad that Google recommended the Plumbing Nerds!We had a lot of work that needed to get done for our very old, and tiny house - but that's what's great about Plumbing Nerds - no job too big / awkward - no job too small / detailed - these guys WILL get it done right and make your house feel like it's brand new again. :)As long as your requests are within reason - The Plumbing Nerds are an awesome team of professionals that literally live and breathe what they're licensed to do!Dan, Rob and another gentleman that came by were extremely polite, friendly, helpful and professional from beginning to end in helping us out with our plumbing needs! They gave us a lot of advice knowing we were first time home owners and gave us reasonable and fair pricing for the amount of jobs we requested of them. These guys are very knowledgeable and they earned every dollar for the services rendered - hauling all those heavy replacement pieces is no easy task! They not only helped repair all the leaks in the house, but they even helped upgrade every piece that needed to be modernized back to functional status.Do your part in getting the economy back on track post COVID - if you need plumbing services or have any plumbing renovation projects - you REALLY SHOULD hire Dan and his wonderful team of professionals!
I am very satisfied with plumbing nerds. The price was reasonable and the work done was professional.We were serviced by Robert who was very patient with us and explained everything very well.Would highly recommend them.
We hired Danilo and his team to install new water lines and drainages for a full-house reno in Richmond Hill. Their work is not only clean and professional, but also done with extreme care. On top of that, they would let you know if they see any potential concerns with existing plumbing and help suggest solutions for implementation. The Plumbing Nerds team is super friendly, courteous and always start their day off with a positive attitude. We highly recommend Plumbing Nerds for all your plumbing and drainage needs 👍
I needed a new water softener kit so I decided to give the plumbing nerds a call. They came quickly and explained the situation and the cost. They came back within a few days for installation and I am very pleased with everything. Robert is a great guy and easy to talk too. Would recommend 👌
Great professional work Christopher D was done in my Shop of FB Metal Works. I would recommend 100%.

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clogged bathtub in Vaughan Ontario

We provide Drain Cleaning services, maintenance and repairs

At Plumbing Nerds, we offer a full range of installation, maintenance, and repair services for your home’s drainage system.

Common drain services that our plumbers provide are:

  • Clearing a clogged drain due to root issues.
  • Cleaning clogged sewer drains and pipes.
  • Cleaning kitchen and bathroom drains.
  • Installing new drains and pipes.
  • Inspection of drain & Cleaning. 

we provide high-quality Drain Cleaning Services for residential customers

Nothing is worse than when you are at home, relaxing in the bath tub after a long day – only to find out that there is sewage backing up from the sink or shower drain. Don’t stress! Nearby Vaughan based Plumbing Nerds has been helping people for years with their everyday plumbing problems. If you notice any of these signs, then call us immediately. We can diagnose and fix the problem right away.

Call Plumbing Nerds to have your blocked drains unclogged as soon as possible if one or more drains are backed up.

Clogs are a common occurrence in drain pipes. They might find their way to other pipes and plumbing. When this happens, sewage or water cannot flow out of the drains and it backs up into your house. This can cause flooding in bathrooms, kitchens or basements and will require a professional technician to clear out the drain.

Is water pooling around your feet in the shower or at the bottom of your kitchen or bathroom sink? Your drains are likely clogged. You might be able to clear them yourself, but most drain obstructions leave behind pieces of debris and residue that require proper cleaning.

If you’re smelling something foul coming from your kitchen sink or bathtub, chances are it’s because it’s clogged up with food or organic waste. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to call a professional drain cleaner. We will tell you right away what your home’s drainage problems are so that you can take care of them before it gets worse. We’re here to answer your questions and provide unbeatable service at prices that won’t break the bank!

Schedule A Drain Cleaning

Do you need your drains cleaned? Plumbing Nerds is your local drain cleaning company.

Ensure you have clean and clear drains by scheduling your drain cleaning service today!

Drain Cleaning Evaluation + Free Camera Inspection & Same Day Arrival

$ 96
(Waived With Service)
  • We will come to your home
  • Provide an estimate for our Drain Cleaning Services
  • If we do the work, we will waive the evaluation charge!

What Does It Cost To Clean Out A Main-line Drain?

Drain cleaning costs depend largely on what the issue is. Though some issues may be fixed easily,  there are occasionally more complicated issues that require more service. Plumbing Nerds is equipped to handle issues of any nature and size. Our trained technicians will come to your location to provide you with a detailed diagnosis at a competitive price.

What Is The Best Way To Clear A Main-line Clog?

In order to remove any clogs in your mainline, you will need to access your mainline and use professional tools to move through the pipes until they are cleared. Our plumbers at Plumbing Nerds can quickly find out where these problems lie and address them promptly so that water flows smoothly once again. Give us a call today at (647) 933 6040!

What Are The Top Options For Powerful chemical unclogger

Several products on the market will claim they can unclog your drain using a miracle liquid or solution. This may work initially if there is just some buildup, but if your pipe has been collecting all sorts of gunk, you’ll need to hire a professional plumber. 

Trusted Drain Cleaning Services in Vaughan

Welcome to our drain cleaning services in Vaughan. As licensed and insured plumbers, we have the expertise to unclog any drain and provide fast, effective solutions when you’re faced with a clogged or slow drain.

Here are 10 key takeaways I would highlight from the main drain cleaning services article:

  1. Don’t ignore slow-draining sinks, tubs, or foul sewer odors – take action quickly before minor clogs become major blockages. 
  1. Attempting to do DIY drain cleaning with store-bought liquid cleaners often makes problems worse by damaging pipes.
  1. Only professional-grade hydro-jetting can blast away years of accumulated gunk and debris coating drain walls.
  1. Specialty auger “rooter” snakes must remove invasive tree roots that infiltrate and choke sewer lines.
  1. Have a drain technician scope pipes with cameras after cleaning to check for cracks or other structural issues needing repair.
  1. For preventative maintenance, schedule professional drain cleanings annually at a minimum to keep flow at optimal levels.
  1. Signs like gurgling noises, leaks around pipes, and prolonged drainage indicate a clog requiring urgent attention.
  1. Let professionals handle main sewer clogs, as DIYers risk exposure to untreated wastewater and hazardous gases. 
  1. Hydro jetting is highly effective for kitchen drains prone to grease buildup that causes recurrent clogging and blockages.
  1. For chronic tub and shower clogs, ensure bath drainage vents aren’t obstructed as improper venting causes poor water flow.

Our 24/7 Emergency Drain Cleaning Can Solve Any Clog Fast

Dealing with a clogged drain or sewer line can be a messy, stressful experience. That’s why our team of drain cleaning technicians provides prompt 24/7 emergency drain cleaning services across Vaughan. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and proven methods to clear even the toughest clogs and get your drains flowing freely again.

Our technicians have the training and experience to handle all types of drain clogs and sewer issues. We can clear clogs in:

We also provide sewer cleaning in Vaughan to remove grease, soap buildup, and other debris that can slow your drains.

For serious sewer line backups caused by tree roots, we offer specialized rooter service in Vaughan using advanced augers, root saws, and high-pressure jetting.

Trust our 24/7 emergency services for drain cleaning in Vaughan you can rely on anytime, day or night. Call Us 📞  647 933 6040

Affordable Sewer Line Repairs to Restore Free Flowing Drains

If your clogged or slow drain is caused by a damaged sewer line, our team can provide sewer repair and replacement services in Vaughan. Sewer lines prone to clogs, leaks, and backups often need more than just drain cleaning – they require pipe repairs, relining, or total replacement.

Our expert technicians will inspect your pipes to determine if sewer repair is the right solution and provide you with upfront pricing. We can fix pipe issues like:

  • Cracks, holes, and severe corrosion
  • Misaligned or separated pipe joints
  • Broken or collapsed sewer lines
  • Leaking joints causing sinkholes
  • Root intrusion

For major sewer replacement projects, we coordinate all necessary permits and work closely with Vaughan city inspectors to ensure compliance with local codes.

Trust our affordable sewer repair services to restore problem pipes and keep your drains free flowing.

Listicle Numbers for Drain Cleaning Services in Vaughan

Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Services

  • Slow draining sinks, tubs or showers
  • Standing water around drains after use
  • Strange gurgling noises from pipes
  • Sewer odors coming from drains
  • Visible water damage around pipes
  • Toilets backing up when flushed

Our Thorough Drain Cleaning Process

  1. Inspect and diagnose clog using cameras
  2. Select best methods and commercial grade equipment
  3. Clear all debris and blockages fully
  4. Clean entire pipe system with hydro jetting
  5. Check for cracks, roots or other damage needing repair
  6. Provide maintenance tips to prevent future clogs

Drain Types We Unclog

  • Shower and bathtub drains
  • Bathroom sink drains
  • Kitchen sink drains
  • Main sewer lines and connections
  • Outdoor patio and balcony drains
  • Roof and gutter drainage pipes
  • Floor drains in basements or garages

Why Routine Drain Cleaning is Essential

  • Prevents slow drainage issues from worsening
  • Reduces risk of pipe damage from clog pressure
  • Extends the lifespan of plumbing systems
  • Avoids hazardous sewer backups in the home
  • Controls unpleasant sewer gas odors
  • Maintains free flow of wastewater drainage



Clogged Drains? Book a Drain Cleaning Appointment Online

If you’re dealing with a clogged kitchen, bathroom, or shower drain, the easiest way to get help is to book a drain cleaning appointment on our website.

Our online booking system allows you to schedule a visit at a time convenient for you, even nights or weekends. Just provide some basic information about your clog, and a friendly drain technician will arrive at your home ready to clear the blockage.

We bring state-of-the-art drain cleaning equipment right to your door, including:

  • Powerful commercial-grade drain snakes that can clear clogs up to 100 feet down the pipe
  • High-pressure jetters that blast away years of built-up grime and debris
  • Video inspection tools to assess drain lines and identify any damage

Our technicians will thoroughly clean the drain, remove any clogs, and get water flowing freely again. We can also provide tips to help prevent future clogs.

Don’t wait around for a backed-up sink or tub – book your drain cleaning online and let our experts handle it quickly and professionally.

Professional Drain Cleaning You Can Trust

When you choose our licensed plumbers for drain cleaning in Vaughan, you get experienced technicians you can trust to do the job right. We are locally owned and operated, licensed and insured, and dedicated to providing quality drain services.

Our team members undergo extensive, ongoing training on the latest methods and equipment for unclogging drains. We are able to tackle any type of clog in residential or commercial settings.

We always arrive on time with the right tools for the job, whether snakes, augers, water jets, or drain cameras. Our techs are thoroughly clean drains, remove blockages and inspect lines to get to the root of the problem.

We also take steps to protect your home, laying down drop cloths and cleaning up thoroughly when the work is done.

For ethical, skilled drain cleaning services, choose our team. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results!


Drain Clogs Solved Fast by Experts

Don’t wait around with backed-up drains in your home. Our team provides fast, expert drain cleaning services across Vaughan to quickly clear clogs and get your plumbing back in order. We offer:

  • Residential Drain Cleaning – From clogged kitchen sinks to stopped-up bathtubs and showers, we can clear blockages in any home drain line.
  • Commercial Drain Services – We handle drain issues at schools, offices, retail stores, and other commercial properties.
  • Main Sewer Line Cleaning – We have powerful equipment to clear obstructions in the main sewer pipes that service your entire property.
  • Emergency Service – We offer 24/7 emergency drain cleaning when plumbing issues arise overnight or on weekends.

Our technicians use advanced methods and tools like high-pressure jetting, cable snakes, root saws, and video inspection to diagnose and clear drain clogs. We identify what is causing the blockage, clean the line thoroughly, and check for underlying issues. If repairs are needed, we can provide full-service plumbing solutions.

For fast, professional drain cleaning you can count on, choose our team. Call or schedule an appointment online today!

Unclog Drains Without the Mess or Stress

Dealing with a clogged drain or sewer line backup can disrupt your home or business. But our technicians have the expertise and equipment to handle any clog quickly and efficiently, without any mess or stress for you.

When you call us for drain cleaning services across Vaughan, we provide:

  • Upfront pricing – We give you a fair price for the work needed before starting.
  • Protective equipment – Our techs use drop cloths and floor coverings to keep your space clean.
  • Advanced drain cleaning tools – We utilize the latest methods and commercial-grade equipment to clear clogs.
  • Complete drain inspections – We thoroughly inspect lines with drain cameras after cleaning to check for issues.
  • Clog removal guarantees – If the clog returns within 30 days, we will come back to re-clean at no charge.

For professional drain cleaning you can count on, calling our team anytime day or night. We get your drains and pipes flowing freely again without disruption to your home or routine.

Drain Cleaning Services Checklist

  1. Inspect all drains in the home for slow drainage or standing water – Make note of drains requiring service
  1. Check for foul sewer odors coming from drains – This can indicate a breach or clog in need of cleaning
  1. Listen for gurgling sounds from plumbing pipes – Noises signal problematic drain blockages
  1. Look for leaks or water damage around pipes – Signs of a bigger issue requiring repair
  1. Review drainage fixture use – Note which sinks, tubs, showers, toilets are slow to drain
  1. Check less used drains – Prioritize cleaning of seldom used drains prone to debris accumulation
  1. Inspect outdoor drainage areas – Check patio, balcony and yard drains for excess leaves or dirt
  1. Schedule professional drain inspection – Have a technician diagnose issues and provide an estimate
  1. Select appropriate cleaning method – Based on inspection results, choose snaking, hydro jetting, etc.
  1. Check for root intrusion – Tree roots infiltrating sewer lines will require special augers
  1. Ask about camera inspection – Have pipes scoped after cleaning to check for cracks or other damage
  1. Discuss maintenance plan – Schedule semi-annual or annual cleanings to prevent future clogs

Drain Cleaning Near Me – Find Local Vaughan Plumbers Fast

Fast, Professional Drain Services Across Vaughan

As a local company based right here in the community, we can respond quickly when sewer backups and drain clogs occur. Our technicians are highly familiar with Vaughan’s plumbing systems and codes.

Fully Licensed and Insured Plumbing Services

We have all the necessary licenses and are fully insured for residential and commercial plumbing repairs. We maintain an excellent reputation with customers and area home builders, contractors, and real estate agents.

Trusted by Local Homeowners

When you choose our drain cleaning company, you get experienced local plumbers you can trust. We’re committed to safely restoring free-flowing drains throughout the community.

Let Our Vaughan Drain Plumbers Handle the Clogged Drain Repair

Pinpoint the Exact Cause of the Clog

Identify the clog – We use cameras and our expertise to pinpoint the clog location and cause, whether it’s grease, hair, soap scum, or other debris.

Select the Optimal Cleaning Methods

Based on the type of clog, we’ll choose the ideal methods – augers, jets, saws, etc. – to clear it.

Ensure Water Flows Freely Again

Thoroughly clean the line – We won’t stop until all debris is removed, water flows freely, and your drain is restored.

Address Any Underlying Issues

Check for underlying issues – We’ll inspect pipes to identify any additional problems needing repair, like damaged joints or root intrusion.

Provide Lasting Drain Health

Provide long-term solutions – If it’s a recurring clog, we’ll explore options like hydro-jetting, drain relining or sewer replacement.

Count on Our Professional Local Plumbers

For efficient clogged drain repair services in Vaughan, call our professional local plumbers today. We’re here to help 24/7.

Let Our Sewer Drain Cleaning Crew Handle the Mess

Commercial Grade Equipment for Safe, Effective Cleaning

We have the training, protective gear, and commercial-grade equipment to address clogs and backups in main sewer drains safely and effectively. Specific services we provide include:

High-Pressure Water Jetting

High-pressure water jetting – Jets up to 4000 PSI to scour away years of built-up gunk and debris.

Industrial Strength Auger Snakes

Industrial strength augers – Snakes with technology to chew through tough clogs other methods can’t clear.

Inspection for Damage

Video inspections – We run cameras through the line to identify any breaches or root intrusions needing repair.

Preventative Maintenance

Grease trap cleaning – We pump out and maintain commercial kitchen grease traps to prevent sewer clogs.

Emergency Services Available 24/7

Emergency sewer service – We’re available 24/7 to resolve urgent sewer issues like backups before damage occurs.

Trust Our Experienced Sewer Drain Cleaning Technicians

We restore free flow quickly and keep your pipes clear longer.

Rely on Catch Basin Cleaning to Prevent Street Flooding

Comprehensive Cleaning for Optimal Drainage

Our technicians use industrial vacuums and jets to clean catch basin chambers, grates, pipes and outlet areas thoroughly.

Identify and Repair Underground Pipe Damage

We can also conduct video inspections of underground pipes to identify any damage or leaks needing repair.

Prevent Flooding and Ensure Proper Drainage

Prevent street flooding and ensure proper drainage – call us for professional catch basin inspection and cleaning services.

24/7 Emergency Services for Sewer Line Backups

Rapid Response to Restore Function

Don’t wait – our team is available 24/7 to respond to urgent sewer backups across Vaughan.

Advanced Equipment to Clear Any Clog

We have the powerful equipment and expertise to clear main sewer clogs and quickly get your plumbing functioning safely again. Our emergency sewer services include:

Locate the Affected Sewer Line

Sewer line augering – We use heavy-duty auger snakes that can bore through thick sewer clogs or root masses other methods can’t address.

Clear the Most Severe Obstructions

High-pressure water jetting – Industrial-strength water jets blast away years of accumulation to clear even severe sewer obstructions.

Pinpoint the Problem Area

Electronic sewer Locating – We use underground electronic locating to pinpoint the exact location of your main sewer line.

Identify Any Damage Needing Repair

Video camera inspection – Our sewer cameras provide visibility inside your lines to identify breaches or pipe damage.

Minimal Disruption, Maximum Results

We work quickly but carefully to resolve the sewer emergency, get the cleanup started, and prevent contamination. Call us anytime for emergency sewer and drain cleaning services you can rely on.

Why a Drain Cleaning Company Should Handle Serious Clogs

Commercial Grade Tools Required

Heavy sewer obstructions and serious drain clogs can be too complex for DIY methods. Here are some reasons to call a professional drain cleaning company instead:

Safe, Effective Use of Powerful Equipment

Advanced Equipment – We use commercial tools DIYers don’t own, like 100-foot snakes, hydro-jetters, and root saws to address severe clogs.

Hands-On Training to Operate Safely

Expert Training – Our techs complete extensive hands-on training to safely and effectively operate equipment DIYers aren’t familiar with.

Proper Protective Equipment

Protective Gear – We have heavy-duty gloves, breathing devices, drain shields, and other gear to work safely with hazardous sewer obstructions.

The Right Methods for Lasting Results

Quick Results – Professionals have the right tools to restore flow quickly, while DIY efforts can take repeated attempts.

Effective, Long-Term Drain Solutions

Long-term Solutions – We diagnose issues to provide solutions beyond a quick fix, such as sewer repair, catch basin cleaning, or ongoing maintenance.

Rely on the Experts for Serious Drain Issues

Don’t risk injury or plumbing damage trying to resolve serious clogs yourself. Call our professional local drain cleaning company to do the job right.

How Our Hydro Jetting Services Deep Clean Drains

High-Pressure Scouring Removes Years of Buildup

One of the most effective methods our drain cleaning team uses for removing years of accumulation in pipes is hydro jetting. This process involves generating intense water pressure to scour drains clean right down to the pipe walls.

Commercial Grade, High-Powered Equipment

We use commercial-grade jetting equipment capable of blasting water at pressures up to 4000 PSI. The extreme water force can clear even the most severe obstructions that resist other methods.

Clean Pipes, Free Flow

Benefits of our Vaughan hydro jetting drain cleaning services include:

Clears years of buildup – grease, soap, oils, debris Great for large drains and sewer lines up to 12 inches wide Reaches up to 600 feet down pipes Video inspection capability Non-toxic and environmentally safe

Ideal for Preventative Maintenance

Hydro jetting is an ideal solution for preventative maintenance cleaning of wastewater drains prone to heavy grease or debris buildup. We also frequently use this method for emergency calls to resolve serious sewer clogs.

Trust the Power of Hydro Jetting

Trust the power of hydro jetting from our Vaughan drain cleaning specialists. Call today!

Resolve Lingering Sewer Odors at the Source

Pinpoint Hidden Clogs Releasing Odors

Notice the smell of rotten eggs or other foul odors coming from your drains? This is often a sign of sewer gas resulting from a blockage in your plumbing pipes. Don’t try to mask unpleasant sewer odors with fragrances – let our drain cleaning professionals fix the root cause.

Thorough Inspection and Cleaning

We have the tools to methodically inspect your pipes, identify hidden obstructions, and thoroughly clean out the line. Our drain technicians will:

  • Check trap seals and pour water to refill dry drain traps
  • Locate clogs in pipes using mini cameras
  • Clear debris and bio-film buildup causing sewer odor
  • Assess pipe damage that could allow sewer gas to leak into the home
  • Provide long-term solutions for addressing any underlying issues

No More Unpleasant Odors

Take advantage of our drain expertise and advanced equipment to get to the bottom of persistent sewer smells. Call us to schedule professional drain cleaning and get your plumbing free of unpleasant odors.

How Often Should Drains Be Cleaned?

Tailored Cleaning Frequencies Based on Need

Routine drain cleaning provides lasting benefits by preventing future clogs and plumbing headaches. But how often is ideal for scheduling maintenance services?

For most homes, we recommend professional drain cleaning every 12-24 months. However, the optimal frequency depends on factors like:

  • Household size – Larger families, more use, quicker buildup
  • Drain usage – Kitchen drains need more cleaning than guest bathrooms
  • Pipe conditions – Older pipes are prone to more debris accumulation
  • Drain history – Drains with past issues may need cleaning every 6-12 months
  • Home type – Main sewer lines in multi-unit dwellings need vigilant cleaning

Thorough Inspection and Recommendation

We offer maintenance plans tailored to your home’s unique needs. Our drain techs provide a thorough inspection and recommendation for optimal cleaning frequency to support lasting pipe health.

Contact Us About Maintenance Programs

Contact us today to learn more about our Vaughan drain cleaning maintenance programs!

Maintain Floor Drain Health with Professional Cleaning

Debris Buildup Prevents Proper Drainage

Floor drains play an essential role in removing water from basements, garages, patios, and other areas. But did you know regular floor drain cleaning is crucial to keep them working properly?

Over time, floor drains accumulate gravel, grit, leaves, dirt, hair, grease, and other debris. Left untreated, this material packs tightly and prevents water from draining.


Keep Your Main Sewer Line Flowing with Professional Cleaning

Your main sewer line removes wastewater from the entire home, so it’s crucial to keep it maintained with professional cleaning. We use advanced methods to keep your main line free of:

  • Accumulated grease, oils, and soap residue
  • Hair, food waste, and other debris
  • Intruding root masses from surrounding vegetation
  • Mineral deposits that restrict the flow
  • Benefits of proactive central sewer line cleaning include:
  • Prevents slow drains and future clogs
  • Reduces risk of sewage backups into the home
  • Extends the life of your plumbing system

We also inspect the full length of your main line with drain cameras when cleaning. This allows us to identify any underlying issues early before they cause major problems.

Maintain your main wastewater exit route – call today for main sewer cleaning experts can rely on!

Say Goodbye to Slow-Flowing Drains

Do your bathroom and kitchen sinks seem to drain slowly? Shower water pool around your feet? These frustrating symptoms often indicate drain buildup that requires professional cleaning services.

Slow drains only get worse over time as more debris accumulates. So don’t ignore the signs – call us to schedule drain cleaning services right away.

Our high-powered hydro jetting and augering methods will remove every trace of built-up gunk and get your drains flowing freely again. We also inspect drain lines and make recommendations if repairs are needed.

Stop putting up with inconvenient, slow-flowing drains at home. Our cleaning technicians can solve the problem quickly and effectively. Call today! 647 933 6040

Protect Home Value with Professional Drain Inspections

Don’t wait until you have a backed-up drain emergency to inspect your plumbing. Our professional drain inspections and cleaning can help prevent disasters and protect your home’s value.

We use state-of-the-art drain cameras to evaluate the interior condition of underground pipes on your property. If we spot any issues, we can tackle repairs immediately before major damage occurs.

Routine drain inspections also allow us to gauge buildup levels and recommend optimal cleaning frequencies for lasting pipe health.

Take a proactive approach – call today to schedule a professional drain inspection and cleaning, and safeguard your most valuable investment.

Foul Sewer Gas Odor? We Find and Fix the Cause

Catching whiffs of rotten egg stench or other foul odors from your drains? This is likely sewer gas resulting from a blockage or breach allowing gases to leak indoors. But don’t try to mask the smell with air fresheners – call our experts to fix the root cause. 647 933 6040

Our drain technicians have advanced diagnostic tools to inspect your pipes and pinpoint hidden obstructions, cracks or disconnected joints releasing sewer gas into your home. We clear clogs, seal leaks, and provide any necessary sewer repair to stop the gas at the source.

Eliminate unpleasant sewer smells for good with professional drain services. Call our team today!

Protect Home Value with Professional Drain Inspections

Don’t wait until you have a backed-up drain emergency to inspect your plumbing. Our professional drain inspections and cleaning can help prevent disasters and protect your home’s value.

We use state-of-the-art drain cameras to evaluate the interior condition of underground pipes on your property. If we spot any issues, we can tackle repairs immediately before major damage occurs.

Routine drain inspections also allow us to gauge buildup levels and recommend optimal cleaning frequencies for lasting pipe health.

Take a proactive approach – call today to schedule a professional drain inspection and cleaning, and safeguard your most valuable investment.

Let Us Handle the Mess of Clearing Blocked Drains

Blocked drains and sewer backups make a smelly, unhygienic mess. Don’t risk coming into contact with raw sewage – let our professionals safely handle the cleanup and restoration.

We wear protective gear, limit contact with hazardous materials, and properly disinfect affected areas. We can also quickly:

  • Clear blockages and stop the sewage flow
  • Pump out flooded basements or rooms
  • Clean and sanitize all impacted areas
  • Repair or replace damaged sections of plumbing
  • Document damage to facilitate property insurance claims

Don’t try to tackle unsanitary sewage overflow yourself – call our Vaughan drain cleaning company to resolve the issue completely, with minimal disruption or risk to your home or family.

Pinpoint Drain Obstructions with High-Tech Camera Inspections

Our drain technicians utilize state-of-the-art drain camera technology to evaluate the interior condition of pipes and pinpoint any obstructions. These waterproof cameras provide clear visibility even far down the line or around tight bends.

Benefits of camera inspections include:

  • Identify all debris causing drain clogs
  • Locate breaches or joint separations
  • Assess corrosion and structural damage
  • Find intruding root masses that require removal
  • Ensure drains are completely clear after cleaning

Drain cameras provide useful insights to optimize cleaning and identify underlying issues early before they worsen. Take advantage of this high-tech tool – ask about adding a camera inspection to your next drain service.

Protect Home Value with Professional Drain Inspections

Don’t wait until you have a backed-up drain emergency to inspect your plumbing. Our professional drain inspections and cleaning can help prevent disasters and protect your home’s value.

We use state-of-the-art drain cameras to evaluate the interior condition of underground pipes on your property. If we spot any issues, we can tackle repairs immediately before major damage occurs.

Routine drain inspections also allow us to gauge buildup levels and recommend optimal cleaning frequencies for lasting pipe health.

Take a proactive approach – call today to schedule a professional drain inspection and cleaning, and safeguard your most valuable investment.

How We Safely Clear Clogs in Main Sewer Lines

Clogs in your main sewer line can create a hazardous backup of wastewater into your home. For fast, safe clearing of mainline obstructions, call our Vaughan to drain cleaning professionals.

We have heavy-duty equipment unmatched by DIY methods – industrial strength augers, high-powered water jetting, and root-cutting saws. Our cleaning process includes:

  • Isolating the main line with cameras to pinpoint clogs
  • Selecting the optimal tools to address the specific obstruction
  • Removing all debris and mineral deposits restoring complete drainage
  • Inspecting the full line and making any needed sewer repairs

We take safety precautions to limit contact with hazardous sewage during main line clearing. Trust our expertise for this critical job – call anytime for emergency or routine main sewer cleaning services.

Fix Chronic Drain Odors at the Source

Tired of air fresheners temporarily masking bad smells only to have noxious drain odors return? Our professional technicians fix the root cause of chronic odors at the source of your plumbing.

We use cameras and high-pressure jetting to remove hidden gunk and bio-film buildup that breeds bacteria and foul sewer gases. We check for pipe issues allowing gas to leak into the home. If repairs are needed, we can provide full-service plumbing solutions.

For good, stop sniffing fragrances and start scheduling professional drain cleaning services. Call us to eliminate persistent odors at the source today!

The superiority of our Vaughan drain cleaning company:

  • Locally owned and operated
  • 10+ years serving the Vaughan community
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers
  • Background-checked and drug-tested technicians
  • Advanced drain cleaning equipment
  • Highly trained and experienced drain technicians
  • Emergency drain cleaning services, 24/7 availability
  • Free estimates for all jobs
  • Fair, honest pricing – no hidden charges
  • Clean, respectful service in your home
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Trust Vaughan’s top-rated drain cleaning company for reliable plumbing and sewer services. Call us today!

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FAQs about Drain Cleaning Services in Vaughan, Ontario

Why is my kitchen drain clogged?

Kitchen drains can become clogged for a few common reasons. Fats, oils and grease poured down the sink coats pipes and causes obstructions. Food particles like rice, pasta and produce scraps can accumulate. A major cause is also tree roots infiltrating and blocking external drainage lines. If you notice foul odors or water pooling in the sink, contact a Vaughan drain cleaning company to identify and clear debris fully.

My shower drain is barely trickling – what should I do?

A shower draining slowly indicates a partial clog. Hair and soap residue likely built up over time. Trying to plunge the shower drain can damage pipes. Instead, allow our Vaughan drain technicians to professionally snake or hydro jet the drain to remove accumulated shampoo, hair, and soap scum. We also inspect pipes with cameras after clearing, to check for cracks or other damage causing recurrent clogs.

Why does my toilet keep clogging?

Toilets are prone to clogs from excess toilet paper or other debris getting lodged in waste lines. Tree roots infiltrating exterior drainage pipes can also choke off a toilet’s drainage capacity. Only a professional plumber has the specialized auger tools to clear toilet clogs properly. We avoid damaging porcelain fixtures while fully extracting lodged objects from waste pipes below. A toilet migration downstream often means sections of damaged pipes need replacement.

What is the safest way to unclog a bathroom sink?

Liquid drain cleaners are ineffective and can damage pipe interiors. The safest approach is to call a Vaughan professional plumber to correctly diagnose the issue then utilize the proper drain cleaning methods. We may carefully snake the drain or use pressurized water jetting to scour soap scum, hair and gunk fully from bathroom sink pipes. For routine maintenance, we recommend scheduling preventative drain cleanings every 6-12 months.

How much does drain cleaning usually cost?

Cost depends on the type of drain, severity of clog and cleaning method required. Most simple snaking of a bathroom sink or tub drain averages $125-$200. Hydro jetting a main sewer line averages $300-$500. Significant root intrusion blocking exterior pipes can cost $700 or more to auger out. Call our Vaughan technicians for an accurate price estimate – we provide free quotes ahead of work.

What are signs my main sewer line is clogged?

Symptoms of a main sewer clog include very slow drainage anywhere in the home, gurgling sounds from pipes, smelly odors, and potential wastewater backup if severe. Only commercial grade drain augers and water jetting can clear main line clogs. Avoid DIY chemical cleaners – they can damage pipes. Our Vaughan drain experts have the gear to fully unclog your main wastewater exit.

Why does my drain keep clogging after having it snaked?

If a drain clogs again shortly after snaking, the original obstruction was likely not fully cleared. Buildup may be packed tightly in hard to reach areas. A secondary cause is intruding tree roots which require a specialty auger tool called a “rooter snake” to extract completely. Have our Vaughan drain techs utilize a drain camera to pinpoint any lingering debris and determine if root removal is needed.

Is it normal for my kitchen sink to be slow-draining?

While it’s common for home drains to slow over time, a frequently sluggish kitchen sink likely has excessive buildup requiring cleaning. Small food particles can quickly accumulate in kitchen pipes along with fats, oils and soap scum. Left untreated, slow drains become completely blocked. Contact our Vaughan drain specialists to hydro jet your kitchen plumbing before major pipe damage occurs.

How often should I have my drains cleaned?

For preventative maintenance, we recommend scheduling an annual drain cleaning at minimum, to keep pipes clear of debris, grease, soap and hair buildup. More frequent cleaning every 6 months is ideal for homes prone to clogs. Kitchen and bathroom sinks see daily use, so annual cleaning ensures proper drainage. Even less frequently used drains still need periodic cleaning.

Are chemical drain cleaners a good option?

We advise against chemical drain cleaners which can damage pipes when overused. Only our high-powered jetting can clear years of built-up grease and gunk. For DIY options, boiling water and baking soda can help mildly clear debris and prevent odors. However, for serious obstructions professional cleaning is required. Our Vaughan technicians can inspect and service all home drains.

What methods do you use to clear clogs?

We have all the latest tools to clear any clog, including high-powered drain snakes, water jetting, root saws, and drain cameras. Our technicians will select the best methods based on the location and severity of your clog.

Do you offer emergency drain cleaning services?

Yes! We provide 24/7 emergency drain cleaning across Vaughan. Call anytime for urgent service.

What if the clog returns after you clear it?

There is no charge for us to return and re-clean a drain within 30 days. We will thoroughly inspect the line to find and address the source of any recurring clog.

Can you clear clogs in the upper floors or basement drains?

Yes, our high-powered 100-foot drain snakes can easily reach clogs on any floor, including basements.

Do you inspect drain lines with cameras?

We have state-of-the-art drain cameras to inspect the interior condition of pipes after cleaning. This helps identify issues like cracks, roots, or collapses that may need repair.

Do you provide written estimates before starting drain cleaning work?

Absolutely. We’ll evaluate your clog and explain pricing options so you know the expected cost before approving any work. Call Us at 647 933 6040

Have more questions? Reach out! We’re happy to answer any questions about our comprehensive drain cleaning and plumbing services.


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