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When it comes time for drain cleaning services near you in Vaughan (and surrounding areas), Plumbing Nerds is the team to call. You’ll have access to skilled plumbing professionals who can solve all your sewer and drain cleaning problems on the spot. Before beginning any work, we will provide an explanation, so you know what’s going on every step of the way. As one of the only companies with plumbers that have experience working on just about anything related to plumbing, we guarantee professional performance every time!

Plumbing Nerds are proudly offering Ontario plumbing services. Do you need help with a new plumbing installation or repair? If you have been asking yourself “who is the best drain repair plumber near me?” you have found the right place!

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Our service technician, Domenic, was thorough and knowledgeable and beyond polite and friendly! Our issue was diagnosed correctly the first time and fixed promptly. Super happy and will for sure be using Plumbing Nerds every time!
Good solid friendly guys working for this company. They may not be the cheapest around but they do good solid work from what I can see, and ultimately I don’t mind paying more for good customer service and good work. Being licensed is key to us too as any issues and they of course can, and do, rectify them. Justin and Tyler are both great guys with good knowledge.Edit: Justin has left the company so I can’t commit to the same work ethic now.
These guys are beyond professional. They show up when promised, explain everything in detail, and of course they get the job done. Not the first time we’ve used them and we had the same experience every time.
I highly recommend Plumbing Nerds because they went above and beyond in these repair / upgrade requests and we are VERY happy with the results. I would DEFINITELY hire them again for future projects I have in mind. They're the kind of people you wish you knew ahead of time without having to google search and assess who's better - but I'm glad that Google recommended the Plumbing Nerds!We had a lot of work that needed to get done for our very old, and tiny house - but that's what's great about Plumbing Nerds - no job too big / awkward - no job too small / detailed - these guys WILL get it done right and make your house feel like it's brand new again. :)As long as your requests are within reason - The Plumbing Nerds are an awesome team of professionals that literally live and breathe what they're licensed to do!Dan, Rob and another gentleman that came by were extremely polite, friendly, helpful and professional from beginning to end in helping us out with our plumbing needs! They gave us a lot of advice knowing we were first time home owners and gave us reasonable and fair pricing for the amount of jobs we requested of them. These guys are very knowledgeable and they earned every dollar for the services rendered - hauling all those heavy replacement pieces is no easy task! They not only helped repair all the leaks in the house, but they even helped upgrade every piece that needed to be modernized back to functional status.Do your part in getting the economy back on track post COVID - if you need plumbing services or have any plumbing renovation projects - you REALLY SHOULD hire Dan and his wonderful team of professionals!
I am very satisfied with plumbing nerds. The price was reasonable and the work done was professional.We were serviced by Robert who was very patient with us and explained everything very well.Would highly recommend them.
We hired Danilo and his team to install new water lines and drainages for a full-house reno in Richmond Hill. Their work is not only clean and professional, but also done with extreme care. On top of that, they would let you know if they see any potential concerns with existing plumbing and help suggest solutions for implementation. The Plumbing Nerds team is super friendly, courteous and always start their day off with a positive attitude. We highly recommend Plumbing Nerds for all your plumbing and drainage needs 👍

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We provide new Plumbing installs, maintenance and repairs

At Plumbing Nerds, we offer a full range of installation, maintenance, and repair services for your home’s drainage system.

Common drain services that our plumbers provide are:

  • Clearing a clogged drain due to root issues.
  • Cleaning clogged sewer drains and pipes.
  • Cleaning kitchen and bathroom drains.
  • Installing new drains and pipes.
  • Inspection of drains 

we provide high-quality Sewer Line Replacement Services for residential customers

Nothing is worse than when you are at home, relaxing in the bath tub after a long day – only to find out that there is sewage backing up from the sink or shower drain. Don’t stress! Nearby Vaughan based Plumbing Nerds has been helping people for years with their everyday plumbing problems. If you notice any of these signs, then call us immediately. We can diagnose and fix the problem right away.

Call Plumbing Nerds to have your blocked drains unclogged as soon as possible if one or more drains are backed up.

Clogs are a common occurrence in drain pipes. They might find their way to other pipes and plumbing. When this happens, sewage or water cannot flow out of the drains and it backs up into your house. This can cause flooding in bathrooms, kitchens or basements and will require a professional technician to clear out the drain.

Is water pooling around your feet in the shower or at the bottom of your kitchen or bathroom sink? Your drains are likely clogged. You might be able to clear them yourself, but most drain obstructions leave behind pieces of debris and residue that require proper cleaning.

If you’re smelling something foul coming from your kitchen sink or bathtub, chances are it’s because it’s clogged up with food or organic waste. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to call a professional drain cleaner. We will tell you right away what your home’s drainage problems are so that you can take care of them before it gets worse. We’re here to answer your questions and provide unbeatable service at prices that won’t break the bank!

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What Does It Cost To Clean Out A Main-line Drain?

Drain cleaning costs depend largely on what the issue is. Though some issues may be fixed easily,  there are occasionally more complicated issues that require more service. Plumbing Nerds is equipped to handle issues of any nature and size. Our trained technicians will come to your location to provide you with a detailed diagnosis at a competitive price.

What Is The Best Way To Clear A Main-line Clog?

In order to remove any clogs in your mainline, you will need to access your mainline and use professional tools to move through the pipes until they are cleared. Our plumbers at Plumbing Nerds can quickly find out where these problems lie and address them promptly so that water flows smoothly once again. Give us a call today at (647) 933 6040!

What Are The Top Options For Powerful chemical unclogger

Several products on the market will claim they can unclog your drain using a miracle liquid or solution. This may work initially if there is just some buildup, but if your pipe has been collecting all sorts of gunk, you’ll need to hire a professional plumber. 

Professional Sewer Line Replacement Service in Vaughan – Costs, Benefits & When to Replace

If you suspect your sewer line in Vaughan needs replacing this comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about sewer line replacement service. We’ll explain what a sewer line is, signs you may need repairs or replacement, costs, trenchless vs traditional methods, how to choose the best plumbing company, and tips for protecting your sewer line.

As experienced, licensed plumbers serving Vaughan, Ontario, The Plumbing Nerds have helped hundreds of local homeowners with sewer line replacement and all types of drain services. Contact us today for a free estimate on your project.

What is a Sewer Line?

Your sewer line, also called the main drain line, carries wastewater and sewage from your Vaughan home to the city sewer main line. This buried pipe runs from your home to the street, typically 4 to 8 feet underground.

A properly functioning sewer line is critical for:

  • Removing wastewater and sewage from your home
  • Preventing backups of sewage into your home
  • Keeping your property sanitary and preventing health hazards

Sewer lines last 30 to 50 years on average before needing replacement. Older pipes may be made of clay, concrete, or orangeburg materials more prone to cracks and tree root intrusion. Newer pipes are PVC or high-density polyethylene plastic.

Over time, sewer lines deteriorate from:

  • Tree roots – Roots seek water sources and can infiltrate even small cracks, eventually growing large enough to block the pipe.
  • Settling – Soil settling beneath the pipe strains connections and causes breaks or leaks.
  • Corrosion – Acids and gases erode the inside of pipes, leading to buildup, leaks, and collapses.
  • Freezing weather – Freezing and thawing cycles cause pipes to shift and settle.
  • Heavy loads – Vehicular traffic above the pipe can lead to settling and cracks.

The Plumbing Nerds have the experience, equipment, and expertise to handle any sewer line replacement in Vaughan, whether you need full line replacement or spot repairs.

Top Takeaways:

  • Sewer lines should be replaced every 50-100 years as materials like clay and concrete degrade over time. Signs of needed replacement include backups, slow drains, pipe settling, and sewage odors.
  • Trenchless methods like pipe relining are 25-40% cheaper than open-cut replacement since no digging is required. Trenchless causes minimal landscape disruption.
  • Look for licensed plumbers using modern equipment like sewer cameras for inspection and trenchless tools for installation. Ask about warranties.
  • Prevent sewer damage by installing cleanouts for maintenance access, avoiding grease/solids down drains, updating old pipes, and diverting stormwater from sanitary sewers.
  • Sewer line replacement usually takes 1-3 days but can take longer for deep lines or complex projects. Restore surfaces afterwards and get post-install inspections.
  • The Plumbing Nerds are trusted Vaughan sewer line replacement experts with advanced trenchless rehabilitation methods and guaranteed pricing.

Signs You May Need Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

Watch for these common indicators that your Vaughan sewer line needs repair or replacement:

Sewage Backups in your Home

Backups of raw sewage into bathtubs, toilets, and sinks is an emergency requiring immediate sewer line repair. Even one backup incident can lead to thousands in cleanup costs and health hazards.

Frequent sewage backups usually mean a deteriorated drain line is completely clogged by roots, pipe collapse, or other blockages. Trenchless sewer line replacement is often needed to permanently solve the problem.

Slow or Gurgling Drains

When your drains empty slowly or make gurgling noises, it often indicates partial sewer line blockage. As the blockage worsens over time, complete clogging and sewage backups are likely.

Slow drains could also mean your main sewer line is undersized and cannot handle the capacity of your plumbing fixtures. An experienced plumber can diagnose the issue and recommend sewer line replacement if needed.

Persistent Sewage Odors

If you smell sewage odors in your yard or vent pipes on your roof, it may be caused by cracks or leaks in your buried sewer line. Gases and sewage can then seep up to the ground surface.

Even small leaks allow tree roots to infiltrate and grow larger. A video camera sewer scope inspection can pinpoint the location of fractures and intruding root masses so repairs can be made.

Sinking or Settling Soil

Look for areas of soil subsidence, sinking concrete patios or walkways, and foundation cracks or settling—these are signs your sewer line is damaged and leaking beneath. Leaks carry soil particles away causing the ground above to collapse. Collapsed sewer lines must be replaced completely.

Lush Plant Growth

Noticeably lush, green patches of grass or plants growing above your sewer line may indicate a water source like a drain pipe leak. Root growth will become worse each season, eventually clogging the line completely.

Plumbing and Fixture Problems

Low water pressure, frequently clogged fixtures, leaky pipes, and slow drainage could mean the main sewer line is partially blocked and needs repair or replacement. Tree roots in the sewer line break through pipe joints and enter branch drain lines.

Higher Than Normal Water Bills

Unusually high water bills may be caused by underground sewer leaks. Hundreds of gallons of water can be wasted each month from even a small, undetected drain line fracture. A plumber can check for sewer leaks.

Major Landscaping or Construction

Has your property undergone any recent excavation, demolition, or construction? Vibrations and disturbed soil can shift and crack pipes. A sewer video inspection after these projects may reveal damage you can’t see from above ground.

Sewer Line Repair vs. Replacement

We always attempt to repair sewer lines first whenever possible, which is less disruptive and costly than full replacement. But if the line is badly deteriorated, collapsing, or chronically clogged despite repairs, replacement is the better permanent solution.

When to Repair Your Sewer Line

Sewer line repairs may be the best option if damage is located in a small section of pipe rather than spread along the entire line. Repairs allow keeping as much of your existing pipe as possible. Recommended cases include:

  • Partial clogs from root balls or debris
  • Small section of broken or cracked pipe
  • Single connection/joint failure
  • Minor root intrusion

When to Replace Your Sewer Line

Sewer line replacement is advised when pipes are too deteriorated to patch or reconnect. Cases where replacement is needed:

  • Pipes older than 50 years
  • Extensive cracks, leaks, or collapses along the line
  • Severe root intrusion, infiltration, and clogs
  • Whole sections of line shifted or settled
  • Chronic backups and slow drainage
  • Undersized pipes unable to handle waste volumes

Although more costly, sewer line replacement with new PVC or polyethylene pipes will provide maximum longevity. You can expect 50 to 100 years from modern drain line materials.

Cost to Repair or Replace a Sewer Line in Vaughan

Sewer line repair and replacement costs in Vaughan depend on:

  • Type of pipe material – Clay pipes cost more than plastic
  • Pipe size – Larger diameter pipes cost more
  • Pipe length – Longer sewer lines cost more in materials and labor
  • Depth – Deeper pipes equal higher excavation costs
  • Landscape – Simple, direct access is cheapest

Other factors affecting your price include easement requirements, permits, rock removal, surface restoration, and more.


Sewer Line Replacement Checklist

  • Get referrals and check reviews to find a licensed, reputable plumbing contractor
  • Schedule an inspection to evaluate the condition of your existing sewer line and determine if replacement is needed
  • Consider trenchless vs open-cut replacement methods and associated costs
  • Obtain 3-5 quotes from plumbers to compare pricing
  • Verify the plumber is insured and bonded
  • Check references from past sewer line replacement customers
  • Review quote to ensure all projected costs are included
  • Apply for required permits for sewer line replacement
  • Confirm timeline – most replacements take 1-3 days
  • For open-cut replacement, mark any underground utilities to avoid damage
  • For open-cut replacement, arrange any necessary street parking restrictions
  • Confirm if old sewer line abandonment is included or if that’s an additional cost
  • See if temporary sewer bypass pumps are needed to maintain service
  • Prepare home access for workers and equipment
  • Remove fences, trees, or shrubs as needed in replacement area
  • Determine restoration plan for surfaces, landscaping, etc. after replacement
  • Review warranty on workmanship and new sewer line materials
  • Schedule post-replacement sewer camera inspection to confirm proper installation

Trenchless vs Traditional Sewer Line Replacement

For sewer line replacement, you’ll need to decide between trenchless and traditional open-cut methods. Here’s how they compare:

What is Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement?

Trenchless sewer line replacement can install a new pipe within your old pipe via “pipe bursting” or “pipe relining.” With pipe bursting, the old pipe is split and expanded using a hydraulic bursting tool. The new pipe follows behind it.

For cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining, a flexible resin-coated tube is inverted through the old pipe then inflated and hardened with hot water or steam. No excavation is required—the liner forms a new smooth interior.

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

Trenchless sewer line replacement offers many advantages over traditional open-cut replacement:

  • Less expensive – 25% to 40% cheaper since no digging needed
  • Faster installation – 1 to 2 days versus 3 to 5 days
  • Cleaner process – Minimal dust and debris
  • Less invasive – Won’t damage landscaping or hardscape
  • Low surface impact – Very small access holes needed
  • Low disruption – House access maintained; no street closures

Trenchless sewer replacement has minimal impact on your property and daily routine compared to open-cut installation.

When is Traditional Excavation Recommended?

Despite the advantages, trenchless sewer replacement has limitations too. Some cases where open-cut sewer line replacement is better:

  • Severely misaligned pipes
  • Pipes smaller than three inches diameter
  • Serious pipe deformation/collapses
  • Excessive roots and hard deposits
  • High groundwater table
  • Large sewer access required

With open-cut replacement, the old sewer line is excavated and removed, then a new pipe installed at proper slope and grade. It’s more disruptive but provides full access to the line.

An experienced plumber like The Plumbing Nerds can advise you on the best replacement method for your situation.

How to Choose the Best Plumbing Company for Sewer Line Replacement

Choosing the right plumbing contractor is key for any sewer line replacement project. Here are important factors to consider:

Licensed, Insured, and Locally Reputable

Verify plumbing contractors carry current local licenses and liability/workers’ comp insurance. Check online reviews and talk to recent customers to confirm they deliver quality trenchless or open-cut sewer replacements on time and on budget.

As longtime Vaughan plumbing professionals, The Plumbing Nerds have an excellent reputation for seamless sewer line replacements.

Offer Trenchless and Open-Cut Methods

Choose a contractor providing both trenchless relining and open-cut sewer replacement. An experienced plumber will recommend the best method once they inspect your old line.

Use Latest Equipment

Look for a contractor using modern sewer cameras for precise leak detection and measurement, trenchless equipment for minimal digging, and laser levels/GPS for proper drainage slopes. Up-to-date tools allow plumbers to work quickly and accurately.

Provide Detailed Quotes

Avoid “ballpark” estimates—you want an itemized quote accounting for all projected costs including materials, permits, excavation, and restorations needed. Make sure the company will stand behind the quoted price and document any changes.

Offer Warranties

Reputable sewer replacement contractors offer warranties of at least 5 years on new drain line materials and workmanship. Longer warranties always give more peace of mind.

Get guaranteed pricing and satisfaction when you call The Plumbing Nerds for your Vaughan sewer line project!

How to Prevent Sewer Line Damage

Your sewer line is one of your home’s most essential utility systems. Follow these tips to maximize the life of your line and prevent costly repairs:

Install Cleanouts

Sewer line cleanouts provide access to clear blockages without digging. Having cleanouts at turns and connections lets plumber’s snake the line before problems get worse. They also provide access if repairs are needed.

Don’t Flush Grease or Solids

Avoid pouring fats, oils, and grease down drains. As they cool and harden, greases coat pipe walls leading to clogs. Fibrous solids like sanitary items and baby wipes can also clog and damage pipes. Use sink strainers and flush only toilet paper.

Update Old Pipes

If your sewer line dates back 50 years or more, consider proactive replacement with long-lasting PVC or polyethylene pipe. Pipe materials and installation methods have advanced greatly in the past several decades.

Clear Roots Regularly

Trees naturally seek out any water sources like leaky sewer lines. Hire a plumber annually to clear small root growths before they enlarge and cause serious clogs and fractures.

Divert Stormwater

Make sure rain gutters, surface drains, and sump pumps do not feed stormwater into sanitary sewer lines. Excess stormwater pressures the pipes beyond capacity. Keep storm and sanitary sewers completely separate on your property.

Don’t Pave Over Easements

Check with local utilities before paving or building over underground pipe easements. Their equipment needs periodic access for maintenance and repairs. Heavy structures make pipe access difficult.

Preserving your sewer line integrity prevents property damage and expensive emergency repairs. The Plumbing Nerds offer all types of professional drain cleaning, inspection and maintenance in Vaughan to keep your pipes clear and flowing.

Why Choose The Plumbing Nerds for Your Sewer Line Replacement?

When it’s time to replace your sewer line in Vaughan, The Plumbing Nerds have the experience, equipment, and expertise to get the job done right. Here are key reasons we’re Vaughan’s top choice for sewer line replacement:

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

You’re protected by our licensure, insurance, and bonding—we meet all legal requirements to perform plumbing services in Vaughan and across Ontario.

Trenchless and Open-Cut Sewer Replacements

We offer trenchless sewer relining as well as traditional open-cut replacement and make recommendations based on your unique needs.

Precise Drain Inspections

Using the latest sewer cameras, we’ll inspect the full length of your line and pinpoint all necessary repairs or recommended replacement areas.

Upfront Pricing

We provide detailed quotes including all costs related to equipment, materials, permits, excavation, and cleanup – no surpises halfway through the job.

Modern Methods and Equipment

From our GPS and laser-guided excavation to trenchless CIPP lining, we use the latest methods and tools to install your new sewer line efficiently.

Extended Warranties

We stand behind our sewer line replacements with a minimum 5-year warranty on new materials and workmanship – often extending up to 10 years.

24/7 Emergency Service

We’re available around the clock to resolve any plumbing emergency. Sewage backups require immediate response to stop flooding damage.

For reliable sewer line replacement service in Vaughan, call The Plumbing Nerds today at 647 933 6040 to request your free estimate!


About The Plumbing Nerds

The Plumbing Nerds are licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing specialists serving residential and commercial clients across Vaughan, Ontario. No project is too small or large for

When should I replace my sewer line in Vaughan?

Sewer lines have a lifespan of 50-100 years typically. Signs your Vaughan sewer line needs replacement include backups, slow drainage, gurgling sounds, sewage odors, soil sinking, excess wet spots in the yard, and root intrusion. Older pipes made of materials like clay, concrete, or orangeburg are more prone to cracks and leaks over time. If your home is over 50 years old, proactive sewer line replacement is recommended even if you aren’t having major issues yet. This avoids expensive emergency repairs down the road.

What are the costs to replace a sewer line in Vaughan?

In Vaughan, sewer line replacement costs range from $2,000 for basic spot repairs up to $50,000+ for a full line replacement exceeding 180 feet. The price depends on pipe length, diameter, depth, materials, landscaping complexity, permits, surface restoration and more. On average, partial line replacement costs $4,000 to $20,000 while full line replacements from the home to street run $10,000 to $35,000+. Get quotes from at least 3 licensed Vaughan plumbers to compare pricing.

Should I choose open-cut or trenchless sewer line replacement?

Trenchless sewer lining provides a new pipe-within-a-pipe and is 25-40% cheaper than open-cut replacement since no digging is required. It’s less disruptive, with minimal surface impact. Open-cut replacement involves excavating the old line and installing a new pipe; it has full access but is more invasive. In Vaughan, clay soils make open-cut difficult. Trenchless relining is usually the best option, but for severely misaligned pipes or excessive root/deposit clogs, open-cut may be better. Consult Vaughan sewer replacement experts.

How long does it take to replace a sewer line in Vaughan?

Most sewer line replacements in Vaughan take 1 to 3 days to complete. Bigger projects with deep lines, extensive landscaping, crossings, dewatering needs, or utility conflicts may take up to 5 days or longer. Make sure your Vaughan plumber provides a timeline estimate before starting. You’ll also want to ask about bypass pumping to maintain sewer service during the replacement.

Should I get quotes from multiple sewer contractors in Vaughan?

Yes, it’s wise to get 3 to 5 quotes before choosing a Vaughan sewer replacement company. Make sure all quotes cover the same exact project scope. Quotes should include all costs like materials, permits, excavation, shoring, surface restoration, abandonment of old line, and warranties. Compare pricing and contractors carefully. The Plumbing Nerds provides free, detailed quotes for Vaughan sewer line replacements.

What questions should I ask sewer line contractors?

Important questions for potential sewer line replacement contractors in Vaughan: Are you licensed, bonded and insured? What equipment/methods will you use? Do you offer trenchless and open-cut replacement? How long is the warranty on labor and materials? Can I see photos of past sewer replacement projects? What is your timeline for completing the project? Do you provide itemized quotes showing all projected costs? Asking the right questions helps ensure you choose the best plumber.

How can I prevent sewer line damage in Vaughan?

To maximize sewer line lifespan in Vaughan: Have cleanouts installed for maintenance access. Avoid putting fats/grease/solids down drains. Update older pipe materials like clay or orangeburg. Clear roots annually before major clogs occur. Divert stormwater from sanitary sewers. Avoid paving or building over underground utility easements. And consider proactive sewer line replacement around 50 years old before failure happens. Preventative maintenance is key!

What is included in sewer line replacement costs?

Typical costs included in Vaughan sewer line replacement quotes: Materials like PVC pipe, fittings, resin liner for trenchless; excavation equipment rentals; permits; proper shoring/bracing for safety; dewatering if needed; surface restoration including landscaping, concrete, asphalt; abandoning old line; post-installation inspection. Make sure quotes are all-inclusive. Some plumbers charge extra for things like rock removal or root cutting. Ask about any cost exclusions.

How deep are sewer lines buried in Vaughan?

Sewer lines in Vaughan are typically buried 4 to 8 feet underground but can be up to 12 feet deep in some cases. Older areas with original clay pipe often have shallower lines. Newer subdivisions install deeper lines to allow for basements. Trenchless sewer lining can replace pipes at any depth with minimal surface digging. Open-cut replacement requires safe shoring for deeper trenches. Ask your Vaughan plumber about equipment to reach your line depth.

What disruptions will sewer line replacement cause?

Trenchless sewer relining in Vaughan causes very minimal disruption to your home and property. It requires only small access holes dug to the pipe. Yard structures like fences and sheds can remain in place. With open-cut replacement, an extensive trench is dug, so fences, trees, and sheds in the path would have to be relocated temporarily. However, Vaughan plumbers can provide bypass pumps to maintain sewer service throughout the project. Inconvenience is moderate for 1 to 3 days in most cases.

A plumber using a sewer camera to inspect pipe interior

Clay Sewer Pipe Samples

Completely collapsed and concave old clay sewer pipe Spec sheet showing pricing estimates for sewer line repairs Section of cracked and separating orangeburg sewer pipe An underground sewer pipe with cracks and tree roots infiltrating it Construction equipment digging an open trench for sewer line access An excavator digging a trench for open-cut sewer replacement Using a hydrojetter to clear debris from a drain line A plumber in a Vaughan home explaining sewer replacement options Workers replace an old cracked clay sewer line with new PVC pipe in a trench Flooded basement room due to a sewer line backup Worker emerging from a manhole access point Water draining very slowly out of a clogged kitchen sink Thick root mass inside an old sewer pipe Pipe relining equipment ready for CIPP sewer repair Pipe relining process diagram Quote showing itemized costs for a sewer line replacement project Quote showing itemized costs for a sewer line replacement project Flooded basement room due to a sewer line backup